Appartments and house by the sea A holiday near Baltic sea? Come to Karwieńskie Błota Drugie!

Karwia.HOLIDAY places are comfortable and fully equipped!

Avacation by the sea is a great way to relax for everyone. That’s why it’s wise to make sure that nothing bad won’t happen to you!
Among many things that can be obstacles to relaxing vacation you can come across annoying problems lik unpleasent smell comming from your bedroom, lack of possibility to wash and iron your clothes or even continous hunt for parking places.

We put a huge amount of effort to meet your expectations and prepare for you everything in advance for many years.
That is why Karwia.HOLIDAY is a guarantee of trouble free holiday. We operate on many booking platforms like AIR BNB or BOOKING.COM and the testimonials from our guests are the best advertisement we could ever come up with!

Look what we have prepared for you…

4-person apartments and 8-person houses See what options suit you best and BOOK YOUR STAY ONLINE NOW


A house by the sea

This comfortable, multi-story house is a great option for a larger group. 4 bedrooms can fit up to 8! "Majówka" also has two bathrooms and a terrace with a garden.


4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, private ogres and only 20 minutes to the sea! Modern kitchen, terrestrial television, private parking ... these are only some of the advantages of "Majówki"



A cosy appartment

This elegant and warm property was built in the style of old Polish houses. 2 bedrooms and a bathroom expand the terrace together with a large garden surrounding Bartoszówka.


The 55m² apartment has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room with a modern kitchenette, terrestrial television, a place for a barbecue and a bonfire, as well as a private parking lot.



Comfort and convenience

NEW, fully equipped warm apartment in a quiet area. 2 bedrooms and a living room will allow your family and friends to relax. A 20-minute walk is enough to get your feet wet in the Baltic Sea.


It is a very neat and pleasant facility. Terrestrial television, internet, as well as a bonfire and barbecue in the garden will perfectly fill your group's time. The garden, isolated from the seaside noise, guarantees peace and relaxation.


Holidays for the whole family

Seaside holidays are a thing that finds a place in everyones memory. Our appartments are a perfect place to host you and your family.
Seperate beds , bedrooms and fully equipped bathroom and kitchen are pros, that every mom would appreciate.

A private garden is an another adventage. Restricted to our resort guests it seperates from the hustle and bustle of your children’s Karwia, so they will be able to have fun playing alone.

Business stays, company trips

Do you have business matters to take care of by the sea? Instead of looking for a small room in a loud and crowded hotel call us.

Who knows, you might get lucky and if we are not currently booked ther might be a whole appartment waiting just for you!

Or perhaps you’d like to go to a few days trip with your coworkers? Our resort can stay overnight even up to 28 people at once.

Holidays by the sea

As season holidays get closer, you might be considering skipping all the trouble needed to prepare a family dinner. Instead come with them to KARWIA.HOLIDAY!

We are pretty sure, there will be a nice special offer prepared for you and your family.

Easter, Christmas, maybe summer season break? Everyone will be well rested when returning from vacation at our resort!

7 days a week, 365 days a year

Our house is opened for booking all year round. Just go to the BOOKING page, choose a date and you’ll have a booked appartment in no time.

Also you might want to keep returning to this website – OUR PROMOTIONAL OFFERS WILL SURPRISE YOU MORE THEN ONCE!

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Our offer As part of the rental of Karwia.HOLIDAY apartments we provide

Modern interior

Well-maintained and regularly renovated interiors will provide you with style and comfort

Full equipment

There is a fridge, microwave, TV, internet, dishwasher, washing machine, iron, bedding and more in every house.

20 min walk to the beach

A mini-walk separates you from the Baltic Sea. Thanks to a location lice ours, the premises are sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the beach.

Terrace and garden

There are terraces with a grill by the premises, and a bonfire, swing, trampoline and deckchairs in the private garden

Private parking

Your personal, always free parking space!

A rich local area offer

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